Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Revision Cosmetic Surgery: Increase Incidences

 Revision Cosmetic surgery is required when primary cosmetic surgery fails. Recently I am coming across many patients looking for revision cosmetic surgery.
Reasons of failure of primary cosmetic surgery.
1. Wrong choice of procedure: Many times patients are not aware about what cosmetic surgery procedure will be more suitable for them. Proper consultation with cosmetic surgeon is important to know which cosmetic procedure will be suitable for you.
2. Wrong choice of Surgeon: Cosmetic surgery is skilled procedure. Experience of surgeon counts a lot. One has to choose surgeon wisely.
3. Surgery gone wrong: common reason for failure is sub optimal facility. Poor operation theatre condition. Poor indoor facilities.
4. Poor follow up: proper follow up after surgery is as important as surgery itself.
5. Substitution procedure: Many times surgeon offer substitution procedure as he is not expert in particular procedure and some times patient want procedure at particular cost.
6. Advertisement: Many doctors want to sell the procedure which may be unnecessary for you .
These doctors give you free consultation and you go in trap.
    Initially I used to get cases of revision rhinoplasty. But recently I am coming across request for revision of almost all kind of cosmetic surgery. This is not good as patients are not only loosing money they are also developing doubt about cosmetic surgery. This is happening as many wrong doctors have entered in this field who just want to experiment with patients.
Advice: Don't go into trap of free consultation and cheaper offers. Choose your surgeon wisely and avail for good operative fasciitis. 
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     Dr. Manojkumar J Manwani
           M.S., D.N.B
    Senior Cosmetic Surgeon