Sunday, December 17, 2017

Why Cosmetic Surgery?

Why should one go for cosmetic surgery. Why not the person should accept his or her looks and body which god has given. There are many people in the world who talk against cosmetic surgery and discourage others to go for it. The answer lies here.
The same people or society
1.Laughs on the people who have congenital deformity or post traumatic deformity
2. Laughs on the adolescent boys who have Gynecomastia because of hormonal imbalance during growth.
3. Laugh on the people who are obese.
4. Stares at the women who have large breasts.
5. Socially misbehave the women who have small breasts.
6. Despite the people who have acne scar marks or small pox scar marks or any face scars.
7. Laughs on the people who have saddle nose or hump nose
8. Disrespect the people who have small chin.
   Cosmetic surgery corrects all these deformities and shortcomings in the people and gives them lot of self confidence to face the society.
When all these things can be corrected by few hours of cosmetic surgery then why not.

                                 Dr. Manojkumar Manwani



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